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Created Feb 21, 2011
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(defn pluralize
"Turn a string to plural"
(if (= (last (name x)) \y)
(apply str (concat (drop-last (name x)) [\i \e \s]))
(str (name x) "s")))
(defn table [t]
(cql/table db (pluralize t)))
(defn col [t c]
(keyword (str (pluralize (name t)) "." (name c))))
(defn fk [t]
(str (name t) "_id"))
(defn pk [t]
(defn refer-fk [t1 t2]
(col t1 (fk t2)))
(defn only-of
"Pass singular keywords for now."
[t1 t2]
(cql/join (table t1)
(table t2)
(cql/where (= (refer-fk t2 t1)
(col t1 (pk t1))))))
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