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(ns accounting.database
(:require [clojureql.core :as cql]
[relational-model.core :as rel]))
(def db {:classname "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
:subprotocol "mysql"
:subname "//localhost:3306/accounting"
:user "root"
:password ""
:auto-commit true
:fetch-size 500})
;; Get a macro to write this for you
(def transactions (cql/table db :transactions))
(def entities (cql/table db :entities))
(def accounts (cql/table db :accounts))
(def journal_entries (cql/table db :journal_entries))
(def products (cql/table db :products))
;; Could magic this up too
(def relations
(-> {}
(rel/new-relational :entities)
(rel/new-relational :accounts)
(rel/new-relational :products)
(rel/belongs-to :accounts :entities :entity_id)
(rel/belongs-to :accounts :products :product_id)))
;; Useful functions
(defn find-by-id [table id]
(cql/select table (cql/where (= :id id))))
;; Bind from below
(def parent (partial rel/parent relations))
(def children (partial rel/children relations))
;; Setup a toy database
(cql/conj! entities {:id 1 :name "Payment Gateway" :email ""})
(cql/conj! entities {:id 2 :name "Supplier" :email ""})
(cql/conj! entities {:id 3 :name "Customer" :email ""})
(cql/conj! products {:id 1})
(cql/conj! products {:id 2})
(cql/conj! products {:id 3})
(cql/conj! accounts {:id 1 :entity_id 1 :product_id 1})
(cql/conj! accounts {:id 2 :entity_id 2 :product_id 1})
(cql/conj! accounts {:id 3 :entity_id 3 :product_id 1})
(cql/conj! accounts {:id 4 :entity_id 1 :product_id 2})
(cql/conj! accounts {:id 5 :entity_id 2 :product_id 2})
(cql/conj! accounts {:id 6 :entity_id 3 :product_id 2})
;; Gimme the accounts for an RTable coming out of a given table
@(children (find-by-id products 1) accounts :products :accounts)
;; Gimme the product for an RTable coming out of a given table
@(parent products (find-by-id accounts 1) :products :accounts)
(ns relational-model.core
(:require [clojureql.core :as cql]))
;; This is a small namespace to allow us to close over relations
(defprotocol Related
(belongs-to [this that key]))
(defrecord Relation [belonging-to]
(belongs-to [this that key]
(Relation. (assoc belonging-to that key))))
(defn new-relational [relation-t name]
(assoc relation-t name (Relation. {})))
(defn belongs-to [relation-t this that key]
(assoc relation-t this
(.belongs-to (relation-t this) that key)))
(defn col [t c]
(keyword (str (name t) "." (name c))))
(defn belonging-to-fk [relations parent child]
(-> relations child :belonging-to parent))
(defn belonging-to [relations parent-key child-key]
(cql/where (= (col parent-key :id)
(col child-key (belonging-to-fk relations parent-key child-key)))))
(defn relation-join [relations t1 t2 parent-key child-key projection]
(-> t1
(cql/join t2
(belonging-to relations parent-key child-key))
(cql/project projection)))
(defn children
"Find the children of table t1 in table t2"
[relations parent-table child-table parent-key child-key]
(relation-join relations
parent-table child-table
parent-key child-key
[(col child-key :*)]))
(defn parent
"Find the parent"
[relations parent-table child-table parent-key child-key]
(relation-join relations
child-table parent-table
parent-key child-key
[(col parent-key :*)]))
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