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Nothing is Possible :trollface:

Daniel Hoseini ejrv

Nothing is Possible :trollface:
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ejrv /
Last active September 22, 2023 10:24
ProductGPT - Generates Product Key for Any OS/Software. etc Windows, Half Life, Office and more

This is a ChatGPT Jailbreak Prompt that Generates Product Key for Any OS/Software. etc Windows, Half Life, Office and more...

|||||||| Made by @ejrv at Discord and GitHub ||||||||

❗(I Didn't copy from ANY sources, From the FIRST LINE To DEADLINE, Word to Word by Myself)

✅Works on Poe, TheBAI, Forefront GPT-4, ❌ Doesn't works on Bing

❗This provided code is for Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 and 11... If you want another product, Change ANYTHING RELATED from "Windows" to Any Product you want, For example Half Life!

ejrv /
Last active September 4, 2023 20:33
CommandGPT v1 - Command Prompt Sandbox

This is a Command Prompt Sandbox prompt for ChatGPT, Claude and Cohere, useful for linux people learning Command Prompt.

||||| Made by @ejrv at Discord and GitHub |||||

I want you to act as a Windows Command Prompt. I will type commands and you will reply with what the command prompt should show. I want you to only reply with the command prompt output inside one unique code block, and nothing else. Do not write explanations. Do not type commands unless I instruct you to do so. When I need to tell you something in English I will do so by putting text inside curly brackets {like this}. My first command is echo Made by ejrv on GitHub, Successful.


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GuestFag: Almost all forkies are guest.
EnderFag: Enderman Malware Lovers
WimFag: Forkie that love to use wim and destroy vm display indeed change display resolution (winscfa)
UnderageFag ??: I dont have any idea why cvm is 13+, what a stupid rule
NewsFag: That person is adult and he love reading bbc news.