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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Examples of using the Exceptionless 2.0 client
var client = new ExceptionlessClient(config => {
// Set your API key.
config.ApiKey = "API_KEY_HERE";
// Send events to your own free Exceptionless server install.
config.ServerUrl = "";
// Read config settings from attributes.
// Read config settings from a config section in your app/web.config.
// Store all client data including the offline queue in the store folder, by default isolated storage is used.
// Exclude any form fields, cookies, query string parameters, and custom data properties containing "CreditCard".
// Add the "SomeTag" to all events.
// Add the "MyObject" custom data object to every event.
config.DefaultData.Add("MyObject", new { MyProperty = "Value1" });
// Add a custom event enrichment that will add a tag called "MyTag" to every event.
config.AddEnrichment(ev => ev.Tags.Add("MyTag"));
// Register a custom log implementation that uses NLog.
config.Resolver.Register<IExceptionlessLog>(new NLogExceptionlessLog());
// The Startup method is specific for each platform and wires up to all relevant unhandled
// exception events so that they will be automatically sent to the server.
// Manually catch and report an error with a custom tag on it.
try {
throw new ApplicationException("Boom!");
} catch (Exception ex) {
// Let users add their email address and a description of the error.
client.UpdateUserEmailAndDescription(client.GetLastReferenceId(), "", "It broke!");
// Create and submit a log message and add an extra "Order" object to the event.
client.CreateLog("Order", "New order created.")
.AddObject(new { Total = 14.95 }, name: "Order")
// Submit a feature usage event that will let you see how much certain features of your app are being used.
// Submit a page not found event so you can keep track of your broken links and fix them.
// Listen to all events being sent and cancel any errors that are "IgnoredType".
client.SubmittingEvent += (sender, args) =>
args.Cancel = args.Event.IsError() && args.Event.GetError().Type.Contains("IgnoredType");
// Settings data is synced in real-time with the project settings in your Exceptionless project on the server.
client.Configuration.Settings.Changed += (sender, args) =>
Trace.WriteLine(String.Format("Action: {0} Key: {1} Value: {2}", args.Action, args.Item.Key, args.Item.Value));
// You can use those settings to control behaviour in your app.
if (client.Configuration.Settings.GetBoolean("IncludeMyCustomData", false))
Trace.WriteLine("Should include my custom data");
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