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Benefits of using Docker Containers
  • Package format that not only contains our code, but also the entire definition of the OS that runs the code which means you get guaranteed consistency in your deployments
  • Easy deployments
    • Just tell docker to run an image from our build artifact registry
  • Simple build promotion
  • Easy scaling
  • Run console workers that will automatically be restarted based on a restart policy
  • Cheaper because we can pack more services onto a box and utilize resources more efficiently while still providing isolation and cpu / memory constraints
  • Can scale each worker independently
  • Docker registry for private docker build artifact storage
  • All kinds of apps already have docker images setup and we would be able to deploy those things to our environments easily.
    • Jenkins, Elasticsearch, Redis, etc
  • All kinds of base images to derive from for things like java8, iis, etc
  • Can run both linux and windows containers in the same docker swarm cluster
  • Can run full .net framework on windows containers and eventually nano for .net core or even linux for .net core apps
  • Can direct all log output into a central log store
  • Can collect base level metrics like cpu and memory usage in a central location for each monitoring
  • Can run docker containers locally on windows and osx and attach debuggers to apps running inside of the docker containers
  • Manage everything we do in the same way while not locking ourselves into any cloud provider
  • Docker compose can be used to configure a set of containers that work together
    • We would have 2 web apps, redis, elasticsearch and multiple console workers
  • Ability to isolate and run each worker process as a seperate container with seperate monitoring and logging and scaling
  • There are several free container orchestration projects to choose from so really we are just locking ourselves into using containers and not much other lock in
  • Both AWS and Azure have container services that make managing the cluster and orchestration simple
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