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Last active Apr 28, 2017
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Choosing an Analytics Schema Scales
__author__ = 'ekampf'
class FieldTypes(object):
integer = 'INTEGER'
float = 'FLOAT'
string = 'STRING'
record = 'RECORD'
class FieldMode(object):
nullable = 'NULLABLE'
required = 'REQUIRED'
repeated = 'REPEATED'
def Field(name, column_type, description=None, mode=None, fields=None):
field = dict(name=name, type=column_type)
if description:
field['description'] = description
if mode:
field['mode'] = mode
if fields:
field['fields'] = fields
return field
def StringField(name, mode=None, description=None):
return Field(name, FieldTypes.string, mode=mode, description=description)
def FloatField(name, mode=None, description=None):
return Field(name, FieldTypes.float, mode=mode, description=description)
def IntField(name, mode=None, description=None):
return Field(name, FieldTypes.integer, mode=mode, description=description)
def TSField(name, mode=None, description=None):
return Field(name, FieldTypes.ts, mode=mode, description=description)
def RecordField(name, fields, mode=None, description=None):
return Field(name, FieldTypes.record, fields=fields, description=description, mode=mode)
import big_query_dsl
StringField('key', description="The object's key/id", mode=FieldMode.required),
StringField('type', description="The object's type", mode=FieldMode.required),
StringField('display', description="The object's display name.", mode=FieldMode.nullable)
RecordField('subject', OBJECT_SCHEMA, description="This is the entity which is carrying out the action. Ex: '*Eran* wrote a letter'"),
StringField('verb', description="Describes the action being done. Ex:'UserX *wrote* a letter'"),
RecordField('direct_object', OBJECT_SCHEMA, description="The noun. The entity on which action is being done. Ex: 'Eran wrote *a letter*"),
RecordField('indirect_object', OBJECT_SCHEMA, description="The entity indirectly affected by the action. Ex: 'Eran wrote a letter *to Lior*'"),
RecordField('prepositional_object', OBJECT_SCHEMA, description="An object introduced by a preposition (in, for, of etc), but not the direct or indirect object. Ex: 'Eran put a letter *in an envelope*'"),
StringField('context', description="JSON providing extra event-specific data"),
# meta about event collection
StringField('tracker_version', description="Version string of the software sending events from client."),
StringField('collection_version', description="Version string of server-side receiving frontend."),
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