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Final report for GSoC 2019 about the UMLGraph project.


UMLGraph is a practical tool, which offers the ability of generating UML class and sequence diagrams, automatically. Creating UML diagrams can be a difficult and time consuming procedure. Thus, a tool like UMLGraph can save effort and time to any developer or designer. UMLGraph is implemented as a javadoc doclet and the version of Java that was supporting until recently is Java 8. The doclet API com.sun.javadoc was used to build a great amount of UMLGraph's functionalities. In newer versions of Java, com.sun.javadoc is deprecated and its methods and interfaces are superseded by those in jdk.javadoc.doclet doclet API.

The goal that was set in GSoC 2019 was to migrate from com.sun.javadoc doclet API of Java 8 to jdk.javadoc.doclet doclet API of Java 9. After the migration, UMLGraph must use the interfaces of the jdk.javadoc.doclet package and all instances of com.sun.javadoc package must be removed from it.

Work and Repository

All the work that was done during the three months of GSoC 2019 can be found at the project repository and my commits can be seen at corresponding page.

Aims and Deliverables

A list of the deliverables as well as an exdending documentation about the project and the specific aims that was achived can be found in the README file.

Project Progress Report Logs

A full timeline of all the progress I made and all the issues I faced during GSoC can be found here.

Future Work

Please, pay a visit in the README section to watch a list with possible ideas for future work.

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