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Eric Kaschalk ekaschalk

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(defmacro deffixture [fn-name docstring params &rest body]
"Pytest parametrize reader."
(pytest.fixture :params ~params :scope "module")
(defn ~fn-name [request]
(setv it request.param)
(defmacro with-fixture [fixture fn-name args &rest body]
ekaschalk / esh-custom.el
Created Jun 24, 2017
Customizing your emacs shell.
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(require 'dash)
(require 's)
(defmacro with-face (STR &rest PROPS)
"Return STR propertized with PROPS."
`(propertize ,STR 'face (list ,@PROPS)))
(defmacro esh-section (NAME ICON FORM &rest PROPS)
"Build eshell section NAME with ICON prepended to evaled FORM with PROPS."
`(setq ,NAME