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Erik Garrison ekg

  • UCSC (remote)
  • Napoli, IT
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ekg /
Created Feb 4, 2019
summarize the softclips in a SAM/BAM file
import sys;
import pysam
bamFile = sys.argv[1];
bamFP = pysam.Samfile(bamFile, "rb");
ekg /
Created Jun 13, 2018 — forked from lvm/
[WIP] hackish emacs mode for FoxDot


  1. put in the same directory as the FoxDot installaton (in case you're using virtualenv, otherwise comment from lines 5 to 7)
  2. copy foxdot-mode.el to ~/.emacs.d/lisp
  3. add (defvar foxdot-cli-path "/path/to/foxdot-cli/") in your ~/.emacs file
  4. in Emacs M-x load-library and complete with foxdot-mode
  5. Type C-c C-f or M-x foxdot-start to start
  6. Type C-c C-e or M-x foxdot-execute to evaluate a line or a block of code

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