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Cheatsheet: pyenv, virtualenvwrapper, and pip

Cheatsheet: pyenv, virtualenvwrapper, and pip

Installation (for Mac OS)

Install pyenv with brew

brew update
brew install pyenv

Add the following line to ~/.bash_profile:

eval "$(pyenv init -)"

Install pyenv-virtualenvwrapper

brew install pyenv-virtualenvwrapper
pyenv virtualenvwrapper

Add the following to ~/.bash_profile:


Restart your shell or source your profile:

source ~/.bash_profile

Install pyenv-pip-rehash

git clone ~/.pyenv/plugins/pyenv-pip-rehash


List available Python versions you can install:

pyenv install --list

Install a Python version

pyenv install 2.7.8
pyenv install 3.4.1

See what Python versions you have installed:

pyenv versions

Switch Python versions globally or locally:

pyenv global 2.7.8
pyenv local 2.7.8

Create a virtualenv:

mkvirtualenv my-venv

Install a package with pip:

pip install ipython
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