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My Modules
defmodule MyODT do
@opaque t() :: %{required(:f1) => boolean, required(:f2) => atom}
@spec new(boolean, atom) :: t
def new(f1, f2), do: %{f1: f1, f2: f2}
@spec f1(t) :: boolean
def f1(%{f1: f1}), do: f1
def f2(%{f2: f2}), do: f2
defmodule MyODTUser do
@spec new_odt(boolean, atom) :: MyODT.t
def new_odt(f1, f2), do:, f2)
@spec print_odt(MyODT.t) :: :ok
def print_odt(odt), do: :io.format("~p: ~p~n", [MyODT.f2(odt), MyODT.f1(odt)])
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