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# Copyright (c) Bruno Capuano. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file in the project root for full license information.
# Using the Python Device SDK for IoT Hub:
# Azure IoT dependencies installed with >> pip install azure-iot-device
# read temp and humi from DHT11 Sensor
# read values are triggered device message with the information.
import time
import os
import sys
import asyncio
import seeed_dht
from six.moves import input
import threading
from azure.iot.device.aio import IoTHubModuleClient
from azure.iot.device import IoTHubDeviceClient, Message
from AzureIoTLogger import AzureIoTLogger
from AzureIoTEnvironment import AzureIoTEnvironment
trigger_enabled = False
refresh_interval = 5
MSG_TXT = '{{"temperature": {temperature},"humidity": {humidity}}}'
sensor = None
log = None
def twin_patch_handler(patch):
AzureIoTLogger.Log("the data in the desired properties patch was: {}".format(patch))
async def main():
global refresh_interval, sensor, module_client, log
if not sys.version >= "3.5.3":
raise Exception( "The sample requires python 3.5.3+. Current version of Python: %s" % sys.version )
# The client object is used to interact with your Azure IoT hub.
module_client = IoTHubModuleClient.create_from_edge_environment()
AzureIoTLogger.Log("IoT Hub Client for Python OK" )
# read environmental vars
trigger_enabled = AzureIoTEnvironment.GetEnvVarBool('ReportValues')
refresh_interval = AzureIoTEnvironment.GetEnvVarInt('Interval')
# connect the client.
await module_client.connect()
AzureIoTLogger.Log("Azure IoT client connected OK" )
# set the twin patch handler on the client
module_client.on_twin_desired_properties_patch_received = twin_patch_handler
# init sensor
sensor = seeed_dht.DHT("11", 12)
AzureIoTLogger.Log("Temp/Humi sensor OK" )
while True:
humi, temp =
if not humi is None:
AzureIoTLogger.Log('DHT{0}, humidity {1:.1f}%, temperature {2:.1f}*'.format(sensor.dht_type, humi, temp))
AzureIoTLogger.Log('DHT{0}, humidity & temperature: {1}'.format(sensor.dht_type, temp))
if (trigger_enabled == True):
msg_txt_formatted = MSG_TXT.format(temperature=temp, humidity=humi)
message = Message(msg_txt_formatted)
message.custom_properties["temperature"] = temp
message.custom_properties["humidity"] = humi
await module_client.send_message(message)
except Exception as e:
AzureIoTLogger.Log("stdin_listener exception.", e)
# Cancel listening
# Finally, disconnect
await module_client.disconnect()
except Exception as e:
AzureIoTLogger.Log ( "Unexpected error %s " % e )
if __name__ == "__main__":
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