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ElBruno Lync to Pebble
static void Main()
if (ConnectToPebble()) return;
var client = LyncClient.GetClient();
client.ConversationManager.ConversationAdded += ConversationManager_ConversationAdded;
Console.WriteLine("Press Enter to exit.");
static void ConversationManager_ConversationAdded(object sender, Microsoft.Lync.Model.Conversation.ConversationManagerEventArgs e)
var conversation = e.Conversation;
var message = string.Format("New Lync conversation{0}", Environment.NewLine);
message = conversation.Participants.Aggregate(message, (current, participant) => current + (participant.Properties.Values.ElementAt(1) + Environment.NewLine));
_pebble.NotificationSMS("New Lync conversation", message);
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