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using Microsoft.Recognizers.Text;
using Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.DateTime;
using Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.Number;
using Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.NumberWithUnit;
using Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.Sequence;
// Use English for the Recognizers culture
var culture = Culture.English;
// Number recognizer will find any number from the input
// E.g "I have two apples" will return "2".
NumberRecognizer.RecognizeNumber(query, culture);
// Ordinal number recognizer will find any ordinal number
// E.g "eleventh" will return "11".
NumberRecognizer.RecognizeOrdinal(query, culture);
// Percentage recognizer will find any number presented as percentage
// E.g "one hundred percents" will return "100%"
NumberRecognizer.RecognizePercentage(query, culture);
// Number Range recognizer will find any cardinal or ordinal number range
// E.g. "between 2 and 5" will return "(2,5)"
NumberRecognizer.RecognizeNumberRange(query, culture);
// Age recognizer will find any age number presented
// E.g "After ninety five years of age, perspectives change" will return "95 Year"
NumberWithUnitRecognizer.RecognizeAge(query, culture);
// Currency recognizer will find any currency presented
// E.g "Interest expense in the 1988 third quarter was $ 75.3 million" will return "75300000 Dollar"
NumberWithUnitRecognizer.RecognizeCurrency(query, culture);
// Dimension recognizer will find any dimension presented
// E.g "The six-mile trip to my airport hotel that had taken 20 minutes earlier in the day took more than three hours." will return "6 Mile"
NumberWithUnitRecognizer.RecognizeDimension(query, culture);
// Temperature recognizer will find any temperature presented
// E.g "Set the temperature to 30 degrees celsius" will return "30 C"
NumberWithUnitRecognizer.RecognizeTemperature(query, culture);
// Datetime recognizer This model will find any Date even if its write in coloquial language
// E.g "I'll go back 8pm today" will return "2017-10-04 20:00:00"
DateTimeRecognizer.RecognizeDateTime(query, culture);
// PhoneNumber recognizer will find any phone number presented
// E.g "My phone number is ( 19 ) 38294427."
SequenceRecognizer.RecognizePhoneNumber(query, culture);
//IP recognizer will find any Ipv4/Ipv6 presented
// E.g "My Ip is"
SequenceRecognizer.RecognizeIpAddress(query, culture);
//Boolean recognizer will find yes/no like responses, including emoji -
// E.g "yup, I need that" will return "True"
ChoiceRecognizer.RecognizeBoolean(query, culture);
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