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Simple e-mail confirmation plugin for WordPress.

Email Confirmation for WordPress

Send an email to the user with confirmation code and store form data in database until user confirms.

Requires: PHP 5.3+

How To


Drop the plugin in /wp-content/plugins/email-confirmation and activate in WordPress.


Make sure to validate all your data before using Email Confirmation, then you can call the plugin anywhere in your templates:

$headers = 'From: admin <noreply@admin>';
$to = $_POST['email'];
$subject = 'Confirm';
// The unique token can be inserted in the message with %s
$message = 'Thank you. Please <a href="<?= home_url('confirm') ?>?token=%s">confirm</a> to continue';

if ($isAllValid) {
  EmailConfirmation::send($to, $subject, $message, $headers);

The above will send an email with a unique token for confirmation and store the $_POST array in the DB.

The confirmation link can be any page or template you want. For a minimal setup all you need is to pass the token in $_GET. The check method will retrieve the data for a specific token and return it, then remove it from the DB. If the token doesn't exist it will return null.

$data = EmailConfirmation::check($_GET['token')); // $_POST saved for this token
* Plugin Name: Email Confirmation
* Description: Send an email to the user with confirmation code and store form data in database until user confirms.
* Author: Cedric Ruiz
class EmailConfirmation
const PREFIX = 'email-confirmation-';
public static function send($to, $subject, $message, $headers)
$token = sha1(uniqid());
$oldData = get_option(self::PREFIX .'data') ?: array();
$data = array();
$data[$token] = $_POST;
update_option(self::PREFIX .'data', array_merge($oldData, $data));
wp_mail($to, $subject, sprintf($message, $token), $headers);
public static function check($token)
$data = get_option(self::PREFIX .'data');
$userData = $data[$token];
if (isset($userData)) {
update_option(self::PREFIX .'data', $data);
return $userData;
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ghost commented Sep 15, 2015

Hi, is possible add your confirmation link in a Contact Form 7 (wordpress) email?
Where is the table in database?


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rajatcb commented Oct 3, 2015

After confirmation can we send a thank you email to user.

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marcolaera commented Nov 10, 2015

Sorry, I don't know how to install and use this plugin and I am very interested.
Can you explain I to install this code?

Thank you

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linrogerson commented Jan 10, 2016

How do I input the confirmation link in my site page ?

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ejntaylor commented Dec 28, 2016

fyi: $data = EmailConfirmation::check($_GET['token']); // $_POST saved for this token

typo ] instead of )

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abdelhak-ajbouni commented May 3, 2017

I really don't get how this works !

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Naveendubey93 commented Feb 7, 2018

hello I want to send the mail confirmation and cancel link by submitting forms without any plugin,only custom code

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