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SML/NJ110.76 を cygwin1.7.28-2 でビルドするために書いた怪しげなヘッダ(cygwin-fault.h)とパッチ
/* base/runtime/mach-dep/cygwin-fault.c */
$ diff base/runtime/mach-dep/cygwin-fault.c base/runtime/mach-dep/
< #include <windows.h>
< #include <exceptions.h> /* Cygwin stuff */
> #include "cygwin-fault.h" /* Cygwin stuff */
#include <windows.h>
typedef int (exn_handler_fn)(EXCEPTION_RECORD *, void *, CONTEXT *, void *);
typedef struct exception_list {
struct exception_list * prev;
exn_handler_fn * handler;
} exception_list;

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@crd477 crd477 commented Apr 27, 2014

Worked great! Thank you!


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@eldesh eldesh commented Sep 29, 2014

This issue was fixed on SML/NJ 110.77 as bug id #125.

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