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This extension for UIImage fixes image orientation for cases when the iamge was captured using AVFoundation in landscape interface orientation. Swift 3
func landscapeCameraCaptureOrientationFix(for interfaceOrinetation: UIInterfaceOrientation) -> UIImage? {
var imageOrientation: UIImageOrientation!
var shouldOrient: Bool = false
if interfaceOrinetation == .landscapeRight {
imageOrientation = UIImageOrientation.left
shouldOrient = !shouldOrient
} else if interfaceOrinetation == .landscapeLeft {
imageOrientation = UIImageOrientation.right
shouldOrient = !shouldOrient
if shouldOrient, let cgimage = self.cgImage {
let image = UIImage(cgImage: cgimage, scale: self.scale, orientation: imageOrientation)
return image
return self
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