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//all are /application/json
//Offering an item
// POST request to endpoint /api/postItem
itemName: String,
itemPrice: Number,
Description: String,
lockerCode: String,
image: String, //BASE64
sellerID: String //could be mapped to a NEO4J db ID??
lockerID: String // DB ID?
// Item listings - This could be the complete
// GET request to endpoint /api/getItems?query=params&query2=params2
// OR??
// GET request to endpoint /api/getItems/:city
itemId: String,
image: String, //link to image
itemName: String,
itemPrice: String,
lockerCode: String,
location: {
latlng: String,
locationInBuilding: String,
lockerIdentifiert: String
}, //How will this be done if we want to anonymise the exact location of the locker
},{/* */}]
// Item purchase
// POST to request to endpoint /api/postItem
itemID: String,
buyerID: String
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