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Script to run pprof for a memory profile.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -e
# Run benchmark tests first ( to generate a memory profile.
# First parameter of this script is the index to use (alloc_space, alloc_objects, inuse_space, or inuse_objects).
# Alloc indexes track total allocations over time. Inuse tracks current in-memory usage.
# top - Outputs the top entries (can also do top10 or top20 or topN where N is any number to limit results).
# list - Shows method code with flat and cum values.
# web - Visualize graph through web browser (need to `brew install graphviz`).
# help - List all commands with descriptions.
# cum is total allocations for the method and any methods it calls.
# flat is total allocations for the method only.
if [ -z "$SAMPLE_INDEX" ]; then
go tool pprof -sample_index=$SAMPLE_INDEX ./
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