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@elhenro elhenro/rofi config
Created Jun 18, 2019

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rofi.combi-modi: window,drun,ssh
rofi.theme: sidebar
rofi.font: hack 10
rofi.modi: combi
rofi.kb-row-up: Up,Control+k,Shift+Tab,Shift+ISO_Left_Tab
rofi.kb-row-down: Down,Control+j
rofi.kb-accept-entry: Control+m,Return,KP_Enter
rofi.terminal: mate-terminal
rofi.kb-remove-to-eol: Control+Shift+e
rofi.kb-mode-next: Shift+Right,Control+Tab,Control+l
rofi.kb-mode-previous: Shift+Left,Control+Shift+Tab,Control+h
rofi.kb-remove-char-back: BackSpace
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