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Make active Excel chart overlap a range completely
Option Explicit
Public Sub SetActiveChartToCompletelyCoverARange()
Call ResizeAndRepositionChart( _
Chart:=ActiveChart, _
End Sub
Private Sub ResizeAndRepositionChart(ByRef Chart As Excel.Chart, ByRef Range As Excel.Range)
If Chart Is Nothing Then
Exit Sub
End If
If Range Is Nothing Then
Exit Sub
End If
With Chart.Parent
.Height = Range.Height
.Width = Range.Width
.Top = Range.Top
.Left = Range.Left
End With
End Sub
Private Function AskUserToInputARange() As Excel.Range
Dim ReturnValue As Excel.Range
On Error Resume Next
Set ReturnValue = Application.InputBox( _
Title:="Select range", _
Prompt:="Select range for chart to cover", _
On Error GoTo 0
Set AskUserToInputARange = ReturnValue
End Function
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