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Last active December 30, 2015 15:38
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# A toy Python BDD framework
# Decorator for test classes
def _context():
def add_test_method(cls, method, name):
def test(self, *args, **kwargs):
return method(self, self.subject(), *args, **kwargs)
test.func_name = 'test_' + name
setattr(cls, test.func_name, test)
def decorator(cls):
import inspect
class NewClassTest(cls):
for name, method in inspect.getmembers(cls, inspect.ismethod):
if name.startswith('should_') or name.startswith('when_'):
add_test_method(NewClassTest, method, name)
NewClassTest.__name__ = cls.__name__
return NewClassTest
return decorator
context = _context()
# Some test code:
import unittest
class Defaultdict(unittest.TestCase):
def subject(self):
from collections import defaultdict
return defaultdict(int)
def should_support_dict_set_key(self, it):
it[2] = 4
self.assertEquals(4, it[2])
def when_new_key_should_return_0(self, it):
self.assertNotIn(0, it)
self.assertEquals(0, it[0])
self.assertIn(0, it)
class Deque(unittest.TestCase):
def subject(self):
import collections
return collections.deque()
def should_append(self, it):
self.assertEquals(it[0], 3)
self.assertEquals(it[2], 7)
def when_append_left_should_insert_at_beginning(self, it):
self.assertEquals(it[0], 1)
@unittest.skip('test skipping')
def should_skip(self, _):
raise AssertionError("Wasn't skipped :(")
# And yes, @mock.patch decorator works normally:
import shutil
def copy_file(src, dest):
shutil.copy(src, dest)
import mock
class Shutil(unittest.TestCase):
def subject(self):
return copy_file
@mock.patch('shutil.copy', autospec=True)
def should_call_shutil_copy(self, it, mock_copy):
it(mock.sentinel.a, mock.sentinel.b)
mock_copy.assert_called_once_with(mock.sentinel.a, mock.sentinel.b)
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