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Last active July 9, 2023 16:20
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class MethodSourceCase3ExampleTest {
@DisplayName("Unpronounceable entity tests")
@ParameterizedTest(name = "The Simulation {0} shows the error {1}")
void edgeCases(Simulation simulation, String errorMessage) {
Response response = postSimulation(simulation);
static Stream<Arguments> edgeCases() {
Simulation installmentsMinValue = Simulation.builder().installments(1).build();
Simulation installmentsMaxValue = Simulation.builder().installments(41).build();
Simulation amountMinValue = Simulation.builder().amount(new BigDecimal("1.001")).build();
Simulation amountMinMax = Simulation.builder().amount(new BigDecimal("40.001")).build();
return Stream.of(
arguments(installmentsMinValue, "Installments must be less than or equal to 48"),
arguments(installmentsMaxValue, "Installments must be less than or equal to 48"),
arguments(amountMinMax, "Amount must be greater than or equal to 1.000"),
arguments(amountMinValue, "Amount must be greater less or equal to 40.000")
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