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Decode an image based either on a full path or base64 content
private static String decodeQRCode(Object qrCodeImage) {
Result result = null;
try {
BufferedImage bufferedImage;
// if not (probably it is a URL
if (((String) qrCodeImage).contains("http")) {
bufferedImage = URL((String)qrCodeImage)));
// if is a Base64 String
} else {
byte[] decoded = Base64.decodeBase64((String)qrCodeImage);
bufferedImage = ByteArrayInputStream(decoded));
LuminanceSource source = new BufferedImageLuminanceSource(bufferedImage);
BinaryBitmap bitmap = new BinaryBitmap(new HybridBinarizer(source));
result = new MultiFormatReader().decode(bitmap);
} catch (NotFoundException | IOException e) {
log.error("Error reading the QR Code", e);
return result.getText();
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eliasnogueira commented Feb 11, 2021

The full code example can be found at

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