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// StackOverflow analysis using its API in Go.
// Eli Bendersky []
// This code is in the public domain.
package main
import (
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"openapi": "3.0.1",
"info": {
"title": "Sample REST server",
"description": "TODO",
"version": "1.0.0"
"servers": [
"url": ""
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# TODO: add license?
openapi: 3.0.1
title: Sample REST server
description: TODO
version: 1.0.0
- url:
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// Demonstrates async preemption in 1.14 vs. earlier versions
package main
import (
func f1() {
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Title: Simple HTTP server
URL slug: httpserver
Description: A simple HTTP server serving two different routes using the default request multiplexer.
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Title: Waiting for goroutines to finish
URL slug: waitgroup
Description: A WaitGroup provides a simple way to wait for a collection of goroutines to perform a task.
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package main
import (
eliben / thoughts.rst
Last active Oct 12, 2018
Thoughts on the Go 2 Error Handling proposal
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TL;DR: The proposal looks good, except the handler chaining part, which adds a lot of magical complexity to cater to rare use cases. Chaining can always be added at a later stage without breaking backwards compatibility, if its lack is deemed unbearable.

As I see it, the biggest issues in current Go usage the proposal tackles are:

  1. Repeated sequences of if err != nil {return nil, err} littering Go code
  2. Lack of proper context in propagated errors (see (1) above)

To fix these issues, I believe the proposed check keyword with a single handler per function are sufficient. Using stacks of handlers for proper cleanup is best left to defer, which is already a familiar tool. Thus, handle should only exist as a default "report more context in case of an error and return the error" mechanism. Where a single handler appears insufficient because the nature of error handling required changes throug

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foo = "\\"
bar = "\n"
manyescapes = "\\\\\\\\"
manyescapes2 = "\n\\\n\\"