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Last active Oct 23, 2020
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Service worker `getNotifications()` test snippet


The service worker registration method getNotifications() never fulfills (neither resolves nor rejects) in MS Edge on macOS if notification permissions have been granted by the user.


The bug appears to only exist if Notification.permission === 'granted', meaning that the user has granted permissions for notifications at the browser level. This bug has been experienced in Microsoft Edge on macOS, versions 86, 87 (beta), and 88 (dev). It does not appear to be present on Windows.

You can easily test this on any PWA application. First, you'll need to manually toggle notification permissions (granted is the only state where the bug exists) and then simply run the test snippet into your browser console. Test your own PWA or a well-known one like

I've started a discussion on the MS Edge forum regarding this issue.

.then(reg => {
console.log('> SW READY')
console.log('Permission state:', Notification.permission);
return reg.getNotifications();
}).then(notifications => {
console.log('Notifications:', notifications);
.catch(e => console.log('> ERROR', e))
.finally(() => console.log('> COMPLETE'))
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