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Created Apr 3, 2017
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Meteor Apollo React Native
import ApolloClient from 'apollo-client'
import Settings from './settings'
import { meteorClientConfig } from './meteorApolloClient'
const networkOptions = { uri: Settings.GRAPHQL_URL }
export const client = new ApolloClient(meteorClientConfig(networkOptions))
import { createNetworkInterface, createBatchingNetworkInterface } from 'apollo-client'
import Meteor from 'react-native-meteor'
// default network interface configuration object
const defaultNetworkInterfaceConfig = {
// default graphql server endpoint: ROOT_URL/graphql
// ex: http://locahost:3000/graphql, or
// uri: Meteor.absoluteUrl('graphql'), // no default here. necessary field
// additional fetch options like `credentials` or `headers`
opts: {},
// enable the Meteor User Accounts middleware to identify the user with
// every request thanks to their login token
useMeteorAccounts: true,
// use a BatchingNetworkInterface by default instead of a NetworkInterface
batchingInterface: true,
// default batch interval
batchInterval: 10,
// create a pre-configured network interface
export const createMeteorNetworkInterface = (customNetworkInterfaceConfig = {}) => {
// create a new config object based on the default network interface config
// defined above and the custom network interface config passed to this function
const config = {
// this will be true true if a BatchingNetworkInterface is meant to be used
// with a correct poll interval
const useBatchingInterface = config.batchingInterface && typeof config.batchInterval === 'number'
// allow the use of a batching network interface
const interfaceToUse = useBatchingInterface
? createBatchingNetworkInterface
: createNetworkInterface
const interfaceArgument = {
uri: config.uri,
opts: config.opts,
if (useBatchingInterface)
interfaceArgument.batchInterval = config.batchInterval
// configure the (batching?) network interface with the config defined above
const networkInterface = interfaceToUse(interfaceArgument)
// handle the creation of a Meteor User Accounts middleware
if (config.useMeteorAccounts) {
try {
// throw an error if someone tries to specify the login token
// manually from the client
if (config.loginToken) {
throw Error(
'[Meteor Apollo Integration] The current user is not handled with your ' +
'GraphQL operations: you are trying to pass a login token to an Apollo ' +
'Client instance defined client-side. This is only allowed during server-side ' +
'rendering, please check your implementation.'
// dynamic middleware function name depending on the interface used
// const applyMiddlewareFn = useBatchingInterface ? 'applyBatchMiddleware' : 'applyMiddleware'
const applyMiddlewareFn = 'applyMiddleware'
// add a middleware handling the current user to the network interface
[applyMiddlewareFn](request, next) {
// get the login token on a per-request basis
const meteorLoginToken = Meteor.getAuthToken()
// no token, meaning no user connected, just go to next possible middleware
if (!meteorLoginToken)
// create the header object if needed.
if (!request.options.headers)
request.options.headers = {}
// add the login token to the request headers
request.options.headers['meteor-login-token'] = meteorLoginToken
// go to next middleware
} catch (error) {
// catch the potential error sent by if a login token is manually set client-side
return networkInterface
// default Apollo Client configuration object
const defaultClientConfig = {
// setup ssr mode if the client is configured server-side (ex: for SSR)
ssrMode: false,
// create a new client config object based on the default Apollo Client config
// defined above and the client config passed to this function
export const meteorClientConfig = (networkOptions, customClientConfig = {}) => ({
// default network interface preconfigured, the network interface key is set
// there to so that `createMeteorNetworkInterface` is executed only when
// `meteorClientConfig` is called.
networkInterface: createMeteorNetworkInterface(networkOptions),
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elie222 commented Apr 3, 2017

Basis of the code was taken from here:

At the moment this doesn't work with applyBatchMiddleware:

I got an error when trying to use it. Need to fix this up.

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Philip-Nunoo commented Jul 26, 2017

@elie22 this works perfectly. If anyone notices this error: 'batch middleware must implement the applyBatchMiddleware function' comment out L67 and uncomment L66. As represented here

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