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List the items contained in a Marmoset Viewer's .mview archive file
import struct
def readCString(f):
"""This is the most naive implementation possible, don't use in prod"""
str = ""
c =
while c != '\0':
str += c
c =
return str
def getFileSize(f):
pos = f.tell(), 2)
end = f.tell(), 0)
return end
with open("vivfox.mview", 'rb') as f:
end = getFileSize(f)
fmt = "{:<18} {:<18} {:>10} {:>10} {:>10}" # Output table format
print(fmt.format("Name", "MIME type", "Compressed", "Size", "Raw size"))
while True:
name = readCString(f)
mime = readCString(f)
compressed, size, rawSize = struct.unpack("III",*4))
print(fmt.format(name, mime, str(bool(compressed & 1)), hex(size), hex(rawSize)))
if f.tell() + size >= end:
break, 1) # move forward by "size" bytes in the file
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