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Created Nov 7, 2017
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Awesome engineers jobs at world-changing companies


Holy fucking shit:

Iron Ox is building robotic greenhouses to supply fresh produce year round. We're a team from Willow Garage, Google[x], and Boeing that are passionate about deeply understanding and developing the new wave of technology to feed people. Iron Ox is a well-funded startup backed by Y Combinator and located in the SF Bay Area.


Phone2Action is the world’s fastest growing civic technology company. Millions use our tools to participate in public policy campaigns.

As an engineer at Angaza, your daily work will be used to install electricity for hundreds of families every single night.


Making city living affordable:


Neuralink is a new neural engineering company founded by Elon Musk. Our goal is to develop brain-machine interfaces so useful and so safe that ordinary people will choose to get them like they get a smartphone. Neuralink's aim is to bring humans and machines closer so software forms a true extension of ourselves, rather than something separate we interact with slowly and awkwardly.



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