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@elinesterov elinesterov/index.js
Created Jan 18, 2018

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test pm dump parsing
#!/usr/bin/env node
'use strict';
function getReqPermissions (cmdOutput = null) {
let stdout = cmdOutput;
// not working regex
// let match = new RegExp(/requested permissions:([\s\S]*?)install permissions:/g).exec(stdout);
// working regex
let match = new RegExp(/requested permissions:([\s\S]*?)(install permissions:|User 0)/g).exec(stdout);
if (!match) {
throw new Error('Unable to get requested permissions');
return match[0].match(/android\.permission\.\w+/g) || [];
console.log('Start test');
let fs = require('fs');
var content = fs.readFileSync('working', 'utf8');
// var content = fs.readFileSync('non_working', 'utf8');
let res = getReqPermissions(content);
console.log('Parsed permissions: \n' + res);
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