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RSpec Cheatsheet
require 'rails_helper'
RSpec.describe TodosController, :type => :controller do
describe "GET #index" do
#describe "POST #create" do
#describe "GET #show" do
#describe "PATCH #update" do (or PUT #update)
#describe "DELETE #destroy" do
#describe "GET #new" do
#describe "GET #edit" do
# NORMALLY, you DO NOT want render_views, or you only want to call it in
# a single context.
# More on render_views:
render_views # ONLY have this if you're certain you need it
it "reads like a sentence (almost)" do
# Available HTTP methods: post, get, patch, put, delete, head
get :index
params = { id: 123 }
get :edit, params # old non-kwarg style
get :edit, params: params # new kwarg style
params = { widget: { description: 'Hello World' } }
params.merge!(format: :js) # Specify format for AJAX/JS responses (e.g. create.js.erb view)
post :create, params # old non-kwarg style
post :create, params: params # new kwarg style
# All optional kwargs:
post :create,
params: {}, # hash with HTTP parameters, may be nil
body: "...", # request body string, appropriately encoded (application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data)
session: {}, # hash of parameters to store in session, may be nil.
flash: {}, # hash of parameters to store in flash, may be nil.
format: :json, # Request format (string or symbol), defaults to nil.
as: :json # Content type must be symbol that corresponds to a mime type, defaults to nil.
# Testing 404s in controllers (assuming default Rails handling of RecordNotFound)
expect { delete :destroy, { id: 'unknown' } }.to raise_error(ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound)
# Rails `:symbolized` status codes at end of each status code page at
expect(response).to have_http_status(:success) # 200
expect(response).to have_http_status(:forbidden) # 403
expect(response).to redirect_to foo_path
expect(response).to render_template(:template_filename_without_extension)
expect(response).to render_template(:destroy)
# Need response.body? Requires render_views call outside "it" block (see above & read given URL)
expect(response.body).to match /Bestsellers/
expect(response.body).to include "Bestsellers"
expect(response.headers["Content-Type"]).to eq "text/html; charset=utf-8"
expect(response.headers["Content-Type"]).to eq "text/javascript; charset=utf-8"
# assigns(:foobar) accesses the @foobar instance variable
# the controller method made available to the view
# Think of assigns(:widgets) as @widgets in the controller method
expect(assigns(:widgets)).to eq([widget1, widget2, widget3])
# Think of assigns(:product) as @product in the controller method
expect(assigns(:product)).to eq(bestseller)
expect(assigns(:cat)).to be_cool # is a boolean, google "rspec predicate matchers"
expect(assigns(:employee)).to be_a_new(Employee)
# Asserting flash messages
expect(flash[:notice]).to eq "Congratulations on buying our stuff!"
expect(flash[:error]).to eq "Buying our stuff failed :-("
expect(flash[:alert]).to eq "You didn't buy any of our stuff!!!"
# Query the db to assert changes persisted
expect(Invoice.count).to eq(1)
# Reload from db an object fetched in test setup when its record in db
# is updated by controller method, otherwise you're testing stale data
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Great cheatsheet !!

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dwahyudi commented Mar 2, 2016

many thanks

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GOOD context name "GET #index"

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yzgan commented Sep 30, 2016

WONDERFUL cheatsheet and great references!!!

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great cheatsheet! XD

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SeanLuckett commented Dec 15, 2017

render_template's dependency is in a separate gem. Rspec no longer does this without it:

assert_template has been extracted to a gem. To continue using it,
        add `gem 'rails-controller-testing'` to your Gemfile.

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This is amazing

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alvesoaj commented Jun 7, 2018

Really nice!!! =)

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drewish commented Jun 26, 2018

You should add follow_redirect! to this.

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zgfif commented Aug 27, 2018

Thanks a lot

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assigns was soft-deprecated in RSpec 3.5 and will be deprecated in the future. It's considered that dealing with or testing the instance variables of the controller you are testing the internals rather than the response of controller.

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x1wins commented Dec 30, 2019

It's Perfect cheatsheet but i didn't found request header merge for authentication token in this cheatsheet

request.headers.merge!('Authorization': "Bearer #{token}")

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fuck] this

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