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Implementing a Strong Code-Review Culture

As an author

  • Provide more/sufficient context around changes
  • Linking to the issue isn't always enough
  • Challenge: 2 paragraphs of context

As a reviewer

  • Offer compliments in PRs when you learn or something is done well
  • Ask questions rather than make demands/commands, engage in conversation
  • Commands and demands create 3 actions: just do it, argue, or ignore
  • Commands don’t recognize author’s thought process
  • “What do you think about ?”, “Did you consider...?”, “Can you clarify...?”
  • Soften suggestions
  • Questions and engagement mean LEARNING
  • Don’t say “Why didn’t you just...?”
  • “just”, “simply”, “easily” don’t give good feels. Don’t use them when asking questions!
  • Be positive.
  • Socratic method to get more critical thinking, ideas


  • Conflict can drive higher standard of coding
  • Disagreements might just be a discussion of tradeoffs, might be “not the way I would have done it”
  • Committing to master? Go review the commit anyway and discuss the problem of not having a pull request with the person
  • Enlist your team to help on process

What to Review

  • SRP + SOLID principles
  • Naming (naming can help lead to better discussion and responsibility)
  • Complexity
  • Test Coverage (Not QA!)
  • Personal checklist (what your passions are: security, performance, duplication, etc.)

Style review?

  • Style is important
  • Giving feedback about style puts the you in a negative eye of the author
  • Write it down, automate it


  • Better code
  • Better people! Better developers
  • Better ownership (less “my code” “your code”, since we all reviewed it together)
  • Better versatility (everyone knows the system)
  • Healthy debate

Other notes

  • A lot of parallels to pairing too!
  • Refactoring doesn’t change tests often, so base your questions around why we’re doing the refactor and what we gain from it
  • Asynchview helps changes stand on their own
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