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eliranmal /
Last active March 16, 2022 12:03
a how-to on checking for broken links on GitLab merge requests
eliranmal /
Last active March 21, 2022 18:58
takes a list of links as input, and checks each for a successful response
eliranmal /
Last active December 13, 2021 05:21
customize your prompt line to match your fedora

redhat bash prompt

customize your prompt line to match your fedora

how to

  • add this somewhere in your .bash_profile (or .bashrc)
# a one-liner to get raw content from github enterprise, relying on basic authentication.
# eliminates the need to create an access token and incorporate it in the url.
# fill in the blanks:
# USER your login user name for authentication (you'll be prompted for password on the terminal)
# GHE_DOMAIN the github enterprise custom domain
eliranmal / teamcity-auto-run.js
Last active August 8, 2018 22:59
periodically triggers teamcity builds. just stuff it in the dev console (but don't forget it running!)
(function (triggerIntervalSeconds) {
triggerIntervalSeconds = triggerIntervalSeconds || (60 * 5);
var runInterval = triggerIntervalSeconds * 1000;
var runBuildTimeout = 300;
function runBuild(done) {
var runBtn = jQuery("button:contains(Run)")[0];
console.log('opening build run dialog...');
dzzh /
Created March 7, 2017 15:07
Inject source and target branches from Github pull request into TeamCity CI
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import sys
import urllib2
import json
This script queries Github for source and target branches of a pull request
and updates environment variables at TeamCity CI to make these variable
eliranmal /
Last active June 11, 2019 16:56
a bash json parser via node js
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# example usage:
# json_response="$(curl --flag" # -> { "status": 22, "errors": [ { "message": "oh no!" } ] }
# errors="$(echo "$json_response" | json_get "errors")"
# [[ $errors ]] && {
# msg="$(echo "$errors" | json_get "0" | json_get "message")"
# }
json_get() {
eliranmal /
Last active February 28, 2017 00:51 — forked from devongovett/
Bash script to make a pull request from the current git repository.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
pull_request() {
local to_branch="$1"
if [ -z $to_branch ]; then
local access_token="[some access token with lots of characters]"

Trying Flow on my node.js code…Let’s see how this goes

Finding the getting started guide:

  1. google flow
  2. click “”
  3. was something else
  4. google flow javascript
  5. found
  6. Click “get started” and landed here
xjamundx /
Last active April 21, 2024 16:20
From Require.js to Webpack - Part 2 (the how)

This is the follow up to a post I wrote recently called From Require.js to Webpack - Party 1 (the why) which was published in my personal blog.

In that post I talked about 3 main reasons for moving from require.js to webpack:

  1. Common JS support
  2. NPM support
  3. a healthy loader/plugin ecosystem.

Here I'll instead talk about some of the technical challenges that we faced during the migration. Despite the clear benefits in developer experience (DX) the setup was fairly difficult and I'd like to cover some of the challanges we faced to make the transition a bit easier.