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Created November 28, 2021 19:35
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ManageBot Keyfeatures


ManageBot is a feature rich Discord bot

with a lot of useful and nice features, made to support your server.

Interaction based bot

ManageBot is based on Interactions, in other words, it only uses Context and Slash commmands. That means, that you are not able to use the bot with a prefix, only with / commands or by rightclick a message or member/user whatever.


ManageBot supports some things you can configure for yourself, for example chaning the bots language. Yet, the bot supports a few languages, but not everything is translated, wich means that a lot of stuff will still be in English.

Support and report system

ManageBot offers a support and report system, which allows users to directly interact with the developer. We would not recommend abusing this feauture, since you won't be able to use the bot ever again if you do :)

Message filters

ManageBot offers 3 different types of message filtering: Link, Insult and Mention.
Messages are only filtered, if the sender does not have "Manage Server" permissions.


The links are filtered by a few types, which means that not absolutely every link is filtered, but the majority is. We will try to keep updating this, so all links are gone.
Filtered messages are deleted.


The insults are filtered based of a file, where the insults are configured. You are not able to change this list of insults (this might change), however you can see the filtered words by using the command /filter insult insults.
Filtered messages are deleted.


Mentions are filtered by the raw amount per message. This means, that not the amount of pings is filtered, but the amount of mentions itself. So, mentioning a user 20 times in one message will ping them only one time, but the bot will regocnize the 20 times.
If someone passes the mention limit, they will be banned from the server, if they don't have Manage Server permissions.

and more.

There is a lot more to uncover with ManageBot.

By adding the bot you can take a look of yourself.

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