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Last active Sep 20, 2017

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Intro to Spaces

DatScreamer commented Sep 1, 2017

DO Spaces Web UI: GET: 413 (Request-URI Too Large)


eliza411 commented Sep 1, 2017

@DatScreamer Thank you for letting us know (and for including the screenshot). We're looking into it.

Could you add some information about API quotas.

@freearhey I guess it's unlimited as you pay per request and data transfer.


eliza411 commented Sep 8, 2017

@freearhey, I'm not sure if this directly addresses what you're asking about, but discusses the API rate limit. If you were looking for other information, let us know.

ttftw commented Sep 10, 2017

Are there plans for v4 of pre-signed URL any time soon?


eliza411 commented Sep 11, 2017

@Meowbeast, It's likely we'll have support for v4 of the pre-signed URL by the end of year.

bhagwad commented Sep 13, 2017

It's not clear to me how exactly I should use the "Spaces access keys". I want to give access to a third party. I've generated the keys. Now what? Do I e-mail them the key? Where do they paste it?


eliza411 commented Sep 14, 2017

@bhagwad, Access keys are for use with 3rd party clients like Cyberduck or Transmit, as well as the API. Each client is slightly different as to where you paste them. The 3rd party client guides will show you some programs and how they use the keys.

If you want to share access to Spaces through the Control Panel, you'd use Teams and would not need keys. The guide How to Use Teams on DigitalOcean can help with that.

Hopefully that helps. If you have more questions, let us know!

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