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Last active August 29, 2015 14:14
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batch delete remote branches
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
abort 'please specify the remote to delete branches from' if ARGV.empty?
remote = ARGV.shift
puts "gathering list of branches for remote '#{remote}'"
branches = `git branch -r | grep #{remote}`.lines! { |s| s.strip! }
branches.reject! { |b| b =~ /.*\/master/ }
puts branches
printf '> proceed? '
ans = gets.chomp!
exit unless ans.upcase! == 'Y'
puts "ok, deleting #{branches.length} branches.."
branches.each do |b|
branch = b.gsub(/#{remote}\//, '')
cmd = "git push #{remote} :#{branch}"
puts cmd
system cmd
puts 'done.'
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