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Example Python Fabric deployment script. Deploys code from a deployment box to a remote host. Usage from command line on the deployment box: fab deploy.
from fabric.api import local, run, env, put
import os, time
# remote ssh credentials
env.hosts = ['']
env.user = 'deploy'
env.password = 'XXXXXXXX' #ssh password for user
# or, specify path to server public key here:
# env.key_filename = ''
# specify path to files being deployed
env.archive_source = '.'
# archive name, arbitrary, and only for transport
env.archive_name = 'release'
# specify path to deploy root dir - you need to create this
env.deploy_project_root = '/var/www/projectx/'
# specify name of dir that will hold all deployed code
env.deploy_release_dir = 'releases'
# symlink name. Full path to deployed code is env.deploy_project_root + this
env.deploy_current_dir = 'current'
def update_local_copy():
# get latest / desired tag from your version control system
print('updating local copy...')
def upload_archive():
# create archive from env.archive_source
print('creating archive...')
local('cd %s && zip -qr -x=fabfile.pyc *' \
% (env.archive_source, env.archive_name))
# create time named dir in deploy dir
print('uploading archive...')
deploy_timestring = time.strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M%S")
run('cd %s && mkdir %s' % (env.deploy_project_root + \
env.deploy_release_dir, deploy_timestring))
# extract code into dir
print('extracting code...')
env.deploy_full_path = env.deploy_project_root + \
env.deploy_release_dir + '/' + deploy_timestring
put(env.archive_name+'.zip', env.deploy_full_path)
run('cd %s && unzip -q -d . && rm' \
% (env.deploy_full_path, env.archive_name, env.archive_name))
def before_symlink():
# code is uploaded, but not live. Perform final pre-deploy tasks here
print('before symlink tasks...')
def make_symlink():
# delete existing symlink & replace with symlink to deploy_timestring dir
print('creating symlink to uploaded code...')
run('rm -f %s' % env.deploy_project_root + env.deploy_current_dir)
run('ln -s %s %s' % (env.deploy_full_path, env.deploy_project_root + \
def after_symlink():
# code is live, perform any post-deploy tasks here
print('after symlink tasks...')
def cleanup():
# remove any artifacts of the deploy process
local('rm -rf' % env.archive_name)
def deploy():
print('deploy complete!')
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