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Routine 0. Connect to Kimchips::HALO Outdoor wifi (chipsandgravy)

  1. Get a Position Name (e.g. H14-4) from mimi in the Mirror Codes room
  2. Go to the server app and go to /heliostatPositions
  3. Connect to the heliostat module (from the /heliostatPositions page). This page often takes time to load
    • [ERROR 1 - no connection] if you can't connect put 'CODE no connectioninto Mirror Codes room, move onto next mirror
  4. Go to joystick and wait for it to load
  5. Try and operate axis 1 and axis 2
    • [ERROR 2 - missing axis] if you get an error code, also report which axis doesn't work
  6. If all works, then navigate the mirror to be mirror-face up (watch out for cables)
    • [SUCCESS]

e.g. 'H14-4 [E1]'

If you find any other errors, let me know and i'll edit this document

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