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Last active Feb 9, 2017
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Retrieves information about an AWS instance and outputs it via stdout. Written to use as a Sensu check to get basic information about a client.
# Written By:
# This script will curl the instance metadata and output useful values
# If the system isn't in AWS it will succeed with a relevant message
instance_id=`curl --silent`
instance_type=`curl --silent`
location=`curl --silent`
region=`curl --silent | sed 's/.$//'`
if [ "$instance_id" == "" ]; then
echo "This is not an AWS instance"
exit 0
echo "Location: ${location}"
echo "Instance ID: ${instance_id}"
echo "Instance Type: ${instance_type}"
echo "Cloudwatch Link:${region}#metrics:metricFilter=Search%253D${instance_id}"
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