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elproducto /
Last active Apr 7, 2018
rxOC EthControl

Quick guide to leverage EthControl with rxOC easy-to-use Linux AMD Mining v_stopgap crypto mining OS. More information on rxOC can be found at forum post I tweaked the oneBash file in this disto to work with EthControl software. All credit for original code goes to Bitcointalk forum user fullzero for creating and sharing this mining OS for AMD RX based cards. EthControl is dashboard/controller for mining rig.

The method described below is a way to add more miners to this version of rxOC. EhtControl downloads crypto mining software to your rig based on what configuration you have setup in the EthMonitoring website. You can get more information around EthMonitoring at You have the option to use one rig for free and pay to get premium service to add more rigs. Use promo code -rxocelp to get 5% discount on your order.

If you find this instruction helpful please donate to my ETH address below 0x4531fdc5c5c18d403ee72b18905485cacc

elproducto / MSPGoAccess
Last active Apr 23, 2020 — forked from soheilpro/
Microsoft Parsers 2.2 IIS W3C Log File Format specification for GoAccess.