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Genetic Testing Registry

This subdirectory of GTR's ftp site contains summary reports about labs that register tests in the NIH Genetic Testing Registry (GTR).

GTR Home - Browse the directory


See Disclaimer and Data Use Policy Below

Comprehensive GTR dump (XML)

Publicly available tests registered in GTR.

  • - gzipped XML, generated DOESN'T SAY HOW OFTEN
  • - XSD schema file for the above

Lab tests by country

Summary of the number of laboratories with tests registered in the GTR, broken down by clinical or research tests. The top data line reports the sum.

  • - tab-delimited text, generated weekly.


  1. Country name
  2. Registered Labs: total laboratories registered in the GTR
  3. Labs with clinical tests: the number of the labs in the second column registering clinical tests
  4. Labs with research tests: the number of the labs in the second column registering research tests

Test condition and genes

A comprehensive listing of tests, and the conditions and genes they target, reported from GTR. This file currently includes both tests registered in GTR and tests previously submitted to GeneTests when it was being served from NCBI. The descripion of the test may require more than one line; they lines are linked by the value of the accession_version column.

  • - tab-delimited text, generated daily.
  • - spreadsheet (xslx), generated daily.


  1. accession_version: The GTR accession assigned to the test with its current version number. For tests in GeneTests, 'N/A' is reported.
  2. GeneTestsID: The integer assigned by GeneTests to a test. For tests registered in GTR, 'N/A' is reported.
  3. test_type: The values are Clinical or Research
  4. object: A description of the object of the test. The values are condition or gene.
  5. GTR_identifier: the identifier GTR uses for the condition. This is the concept unique identifier in MedGen.
  6. MIM_number: the identifier assigned by OMIM to this object
  7. gene_or_SNOMED_CT_ID: If the object is a gene, the GeneID from NCBI's gene database; if a condtion, the SNOMED_CT identifier if available.

Tests by method category

Summary of the number of tests registered in the GTR using specific methods.

  • - tab-delimited text, generated daily.
  1. Major method category
  2. Method category
  3. Total Labs with clinical tests
  4. US Labs with clinical tests
  5. Total Labs with research tests
  6. US Labs with research tests

Test version history

A subset of data for all registered publicly available GTR data, including their version history.

  • - tab-delimited, generated DOESN'T SAY HOW OFTEN.


  1. Test accession.version (test_accession_ver)
  2. Name of laboratory (name_of_laboratory)
  3. Name of institution (name_of_institution)
  4. State (facility_state)
  5. Postcode (facility_postcode)
  6. Country (facility_country)
  7. GeneTests Lab ID (genetests_laboratory_id)
  8. CLIA number (CLIA_number)
  9. State license (state_licenses)
  10. State license numbers (state_license_numbers)
  11. Lab's test ID (lab_test_id)
  12. Date last touched (last_touch_date)
  13. lab_test_name
  14. manufacturer_test_name
  15. test_development
  16. lab_unique_code
  17. condition_identifiers
  18. indication_types
  19. inheritances
  20. method_categories
  21. methods platforms
  22. genes
  23. drug_responses
  24. If this version of the test is the current version (now_current 1 = current version, 0 = previous version)
  25. If the test is current (test_currStat 1 = current , other values indicate test is not current)
  26. If the test is public (test_pubStat 3 = public, other values indicate current version is no longer public)
  27. If the lab is current (lab_currStat 1 = current , other values indicate lab is not current)
  28. If the lab is public (lab_pubStat3 = public, other values indicate the lab is no longer public)
  29. Date test was first registered in GTR (test_create_date)

Disclaimer and Data Use Policy

Copyright Status

Information that is created by or for the US government on this site is within the public domain. Public domain information on the National Library of Medicine (NLM) Web pages may be freely distributed and copied. However, it is requested that in any subsequent use of this work, NLM be given appropriate acknowledgment. More information about NCBI's copyright and disclaimer policy is available.

If you distribute or copy data from the NIH Genetic Testing Registry, we ask that you provide attribution to GTR as a data source in publications and websites by:

  1. linking to the GTR website: and/or
  2. citing this publication:

IMPORTANT NOTE: NIH does not independently verify information submitted to the GTR; it relies on submitters to provide information that is accurate and not misleading. NIH makes no endorsements of tests or laboratories listed in the GTR. GTR is not a substitute for medical advice. Patients and consumers with specific questions about a genetic test should contact a health care provider or a genetics professional.

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