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Limit bash script to one running instance, while keeping it open to other calls
user_id_num=$(id -u)
function alertRunningPS () {
local PID=$(cat "$pid_file" 2> /dev/null)
echo "Lockfile present. ps id file: $PID"
echo "Checking if process is actually running or something left over from crash..."
if kill -0 $PID 2> /dev/null; then
echo "Already running, exiting"
exit 1
echo "Not running, removing lock and continuing"
rm -f "$lock_file"
lockfile -r 0 "$lock_file"
echo "Hello, checking some stuff before locking stuff"
# Lock further operations to one process
mkdir -p /tmp/foobar-$user_id_num
lockfile -r 0 "$lock_file" || alertRunningPS
# Do stuff here
echo -n $ps_id > "$pid_file"
echo "Running stuff in ONE ps"
sleep 30s
rm -f "$lock_file"
rm -f "$pid_file"
exit 0
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