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Bitcode example instructions


  • Docker and Git installed
  • These are MacOS instructions


  1. Clone
  2. Run Docker to get a Linux build environment:
cd content-bitcode
docker run -ti --rm=true -v $(pwd):/content-bitcode eluvio-content-bitcode
  1. In the Docker shell, build and publish the bitcode (See notes below first):
cd /content-bitcode/bitcode/examples/helloworld
./ ilib2AWdn731Mrrn68nmyP8WMqUpx69M helloworld.bc
./ ilib2AWdn731Mrrn68nmyP8WMqUpx69M hq__QmWpLNhhiQRWjiEM9HwDUx1eXN11UZqC4Y1UeXMrVXBWE5 hellocats cats.png
  1. Go the the URL with your browser, e.g.


  • You should use your own IDs as arguments to the publish script:
    • qlibid: The ID of the library created by this API call: curl -s -X POST -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json"
    • qtype: The ID of the content type printed after runs successfully
  • The fabric and the bitcode you are building must be built using the same platform and toolchain
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