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@elw00d elw00d/javakill.bat
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
IF [%1]==[] (
echo Missing argument
echo Usage: javakill ^<string^> [/A] [/Q]
echo /A - Kill all found processes
echo /Q - Be quite ^(don't ask if found more than one process^)
goto :exit
set KILL_ALL=0
if '%2'=='/A' set KILL_ALL=1
if '%2'=='/a' set KILL_ALL=1
if '%3'=='/A' set KILL_ALL=1
if '%3'=='/a' set KILL_ALL=1
if '%2'=='/Q' set QUITE_MODE=1
if '%2'=='/q' set QUITE_MODE=1
if '%3'=='/Q' set QUITE_MODE=1
if '%3'=='/q' set QUITE_MODE=1
echo ---- All java processes: ----
jps -v
echo ---- Processes matches %1 (only first one will be killed): -----
jps -v | FindStr %1
set pid=0
set count=0
rem Take first token from string delimited by whitespace
for /F "tokens=1,2 delims= " %%a in ('jps -v ^| FindStr %1') do (
if !KILL_ALL!==1 (
SET /P AREYOUSURE="Are you sure to kill all (Y/[N])?"
IF /I "!AREYOUSURE!" NEQ "Y" goto :exit
echo ---- Killing process %%a %%b ----
taskkill /PID %%a /F
if !KILL_ALL!==0 (
if !count!==0 (
set pid=%%a
set /a count=count+1
echo PID=%pid%
echo Count=%count%
if !count!==0 (
echo No processes found for specified query
goto :exit
if [!count!] gtr [1] (
if !QUITE_MODE!==0 (
SET /P AREYOUSURE="Ambigious.. are you sure to kill first %pid% (Y/[N])?"
IF /I "!AREYOUSURE!" NEQ "Y" goto :exit
echo ---- Killing process %pid% ----
taskkill /PID %pid% /F
if !count!==1 (
echo ---- Killing process %pid% ----
taskkill /PID %pid% /F

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commented Feb 23, 2014

Windows equivalent of pkill command for java-processes. Add JDK bin directory to PATH environment variable. Usage:

javakill glassfish

Searches java process with JVM options contains 'glassfish' substring and kills them if it is only one. If there are several matching processes, user will be asked to confirm a killing first of them.

javakill glassfish /Q

If ambigious, first found process will be killed without confirmation. Remaining processes won't be touched.

javakill glassfish /A

User will be asked to confirm to kill all matching processes.

javakill glassfish /Q /A

All matching processes will be killed without any confirmation.

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