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@elyscape elyscape/upcase.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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def deep_upcase(item)
if item.respond_to? :upcase
return item.upcase
case item
when Array { |i| deep_upcase(i) }
when Hash
Hash[ { |k,v| [deep_upcase(k), deep_upcase(v)] } ]
Puppet::Parser::Functions.newfunction(:upcase, :type => :rvalue) do |args|

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commented Feb 28, 2015

Realistically we can just do the same pattern to upcase instead of creating a new function that goes further but like the recursion


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commented Feb 28, 2015

The benefit to having the recursive function be a separate function is that then you can perform validation on the top-level object passed in and not on what's contained inside it, so upcase(4) is invalid but upcase({'a' => 4}) would still work.

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