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Submit Protip to using Selenium each day i hae to sumit to several social networks including Facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, coderwall, and several other websites. this is alot of time spent on the same steps over and over, some websites doesn't have API to submit like Coderwall for example, so i have to simulate my behaviour…
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Author : Emad Elsaid (
require "selenium-webdriver" # gem install selenium-webdriver
require "highline/import" # gem install highline
def coderwall github_email, github_password, title, content, tags
driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for :firefox ""
driver.find_element(:css, '#login_field').send_keys github_email
passwordf = driver.find_element(:css, '#password')
passwordf.send_keys github_password
passwordf.submit ""
driver.find_element(:css, '#protip_title').send_keys title
driver.find_element(:css, '#protip_body').send_keys content
driver.find_element(:css, '#protip_tags').send_keys tags
driver.find_element(:css, '.new_protip').submit
email = ask 'What is your github email address ? '
password = ask('And github password? '){ |q| q.echo = '*' }
coderwall email, password, 'Title here', 'Content here', 'ruby, test'
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