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Emanuele DelBono

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I'm a software engineer that is trying to become a polyglot programmer learning new languages and tools to develop better applications. I work as a lead developer and architect in CodicePlastico a small software house based in Italy, I'm responsible for the development of web applications primarily with ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails and nodejs.

From Active records to Event Sourcing

  • Desired talk duration: 40 minutes


ActiveRecord is one of the most famous pattern used for bridging the gap between our applications and the database and it store our objects in tables as records. This kind of storage is not lossless as we might think, we completely miss the story that had brought the entities in the current state. That’s why new architectures are becoming popular, these architectures don’t store the actual state of the models but their deltas. During this session we will give a look at the Event Driven architectures, what problems they solve and how they can be implemented in ruby and rails applications.


I already give this presentation at wroc_love.rb this year.

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