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WP Ticket Enterprise
<div class="plugin-type">
WordPress Plugin
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"" title="WP Ticket WP App Studio designed WordPress plugin Logo">
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<div class="intro-text">
For enterprise level multichannel service request management with performance analytics, request analytics, custom reporting, and time tracking
<div class="plugin-sdesc">
<li>Define, categorize, and analyze service request tickets.</li>
<li>Provide private, public, or mixed ticket support.</li>
<li>Advanced collaboration for faster ticket resolutions.</li>
<li>Assign responsibility and monitor resolution progress.</li>
<li>Monitor service performance and control service costs.</li>
<li>Role based content access for customers, managers, and agents.</li>
<li>Deliver insight with built-in or custom request analytics reports.</li>
<li>Create custom email notifications to keep customers and employees updated.</li>
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