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es5 version of count-identifiers
var parse = require("shift-parser").default;
var reduce = require("shift-reducer").default;
var MonoidalReducer = require("shift-reducer").MonoidalReducer;
//must return a Monoid
function IdentifierCounter() {
// a monoid over integers and addition
function Sum() {}
// by default reduce any node to the identity, zero
Sum.empty = function() {
return 0;
// combine instances by summing their values
Sum.prototype.concat = function(a) {
return this + a;
}, Sum);
IdentifierCounter.prototype = Object.create(MonoidalReducer.prototype);
// a convenience function for performing the reduction and extracting a result
IdentifierCounter.count = function(program) {
return reduce(new this, program);
// add 1 to the count for each IdentifierExpression node
IdentifierCounter.prototype.reduceIdentifierExpression = function(node, identifier) {
return 1; //will be summed
In this case, the only node we care about overriding is the
IdentifierExpression node; the rest can be reduced using the default
methods from MonoidalReducer.
//test code
var program = "function f() { hello(world); }";
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