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2016-04-11T17:24:04.436592+00:00 localhost st2api[14471]: INFO 140132614642416 [-] a21fcc03-ea16-4018-b06d-2b253aada628 - POST /v1/aliasexecution result={"actionalias": {"description": "Download StackStorm packs via ChatOps", "extra": {}, "ack": {}, "enabled": true, "result": {}, "formats": ["pack deploy {{packs}} from {{repo_url}}", "pack deploy {{packs}}"], "uid": "action:packs:deploy_pack", "action_ref": "packs.install", "pack": "packs", "ref": "packs.deploy_pack", "id": "570718484f66346c3f577917", "name": "deploy_pack"}, "execution": {"status": "requested", "start_timestamp": "2016-04-11T17:24:04.387511Z", "parameters": {"packs": ["st2"]}, "runner": {"runner_module": "st2actions.runners.actionchainrunner", "description": "A runner for launching linear action chains.", "enabled": true, "runner_parameters": {"skip_notify": {"default": [], "type": "array", "description": "List of tasks to skip notifications for."}, "display_published": {"default": false, "type": "boolean", "description": "Intermediate published variables will be stored and displayed."}}, "id": "567118d34befa5413eb80093", "name": "action-chain"}, "context": {"action_alias_ref": {"id": "570718484f66346c3f577917", "name": "deploy_pack"}, "user": "chatops_bot", "api_user": "emedvedev", "source_channel": "landofooo"}, "action": {"description": "Installs packs from st2-contrib into local content repository. Will download pack, load the actions, sensors and rules from the pack. Note that install require reboot of some st2 services.", "runner_type": "action-chain", "tags": [], "enabled": true, "name": "install", "entry_point": "workflows/install.yaml", "notify": {}, "uid": "action:packs:install", "parameters": {"skip_notify": {"default": ["restart-sensor-container", "reload", "virtualenv_prerun", "setup_virtualenv", "download"]}, "branch": {"default": "master", "type": "string"}, "packs": {"items": {"type": "string"}, "required": true, "type": "array"}, "register": {"default": "actions,aliases,sensors", "type": "string", "description": "Possible options are all, sensors, actions, rules, ali
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